If you are someone who likes to exercise regularly

If you are someone who likes to exercise regularly, you might feel a bit at a loss what to do once you're pregnant. One of the best forms of exercise to do during pregnancy is yoga, because it won't put strain on your body, but will keep you healthy and relaxed. The breathing techniques used in yoga will also help you to be prepared for labour. Other benefits of yoga for pregnant women include improved circulation, less fluid retention, and less aches and pains. Stretching your body regularly makes it more flexible, which will also help to reduce labour pain.Even if you're not used to exercising, or have just never done yoga before, this is not a problem. However, not all yoga poses are recommended for pregnancy so attend a specific class for this purpose.

 Whether you are a yoga novice or master, you will need to invest in some new yoga clothes to adapt to your pregnancy. Wellicious have a fantastic maternity yoga clothing range which will stretch with you and allow you to perform your moves in ultimate comfort. All of their yoga clothing is made from luxuriously soft fabrics and you will probably find that you want to wear your new clothes for more than just practising yoga!Wellicious yoga clothes are available in beautiful colours and designs and so are ideal for wearing to and from home to the gym or exercise studio, as well as around the house.

If you decide to continue practising yoga after your pregnancy to keep away the stresses of a new baby, they also have non-maternity ranges. If you decide to carry on doing yoga at home, you can even allow your baby to join in as they get older with their own baby yoga rug mat and slippers!


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